Love So Bright Like Fairy Lights

Austin Biel’s Songwriting Workshop at Created to Worship Conference, Shaftesbury, 15th April 2017.

Task: We were asked to write about a focal point in the room we were seated in. So I looked around and thought I’d take inspiration from the numerous strings of fairy lights that adorned the ceilings and worship band area. We were also asked to ease into the writing and bring it to a greater intensity.

I don’t know about you, but pour moi writing creatively takes inspiration, serious thought and tons of editing. Here I was, sitting in a room full of strangers, grappling with the task of writing about an inert object in the room, all within a very short time frame. But to my surprise I started to get something so I went with it. In fact I was able to write something about God’s love in all this. It just seemed to flow that day. I loved it. I recommend getting yourself to a creativity class or songwriting workshop – it opens up the wells within you. I had to share it…

Your love is a force
That ignites the light in me
And when I let it flow through my veins
I sparkle like a new melody

I just need to reach out and touch another
with Your power I carry
and they can’t remain the same
now we’re a symphony

We are strings of
radiating glory harmony
the fire in the filament
wired to illuminate the skies of destiny

opening eyes
renewing minds
to see, to see, to see
awe-filled hidden beauty!

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